Abrianna's debut novel, this fast paced fantasy has won the heart of every reader who has given it a chance.

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The Fractured Soul is a two-part story, the first being AKAIRYA. Available on Amazon and select bookstores, Akairya is a fast paced introduction to the world of Alkairyn and the sickness that plagues it.

Incredible world-building, in-depth natural magic lore, DRAGONS, heart-wrenching characters, great plot. This is a refreshing fantasy read and I can't wait for the sequel to come out!

Jennifer Los


I was immediately captivated by the descriptive story and the powerful main character Akairya. Her

journey throughout the book stirred my imagination and left me desperate for the sequel. Great job!

Shannon Simmonds

This is the perfect book for those who love fantasy. Not just any fantasy, but fantasy that speaks to the fractures of our world. It is a book about healing the world through the merging of earth and soul. We should be so lucky to have Akairya in our world. Disclosure: I'm very familiar with the book since I worked with the author as she developed it. Am I biased? You bet I am! But only because I believe in the value of this story.

John Carroll